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Workshop Topics

The workshop covers the following aspects (but not limited to):

Refined LADM modeling

  • Informal and formal RRRs, refinements,
  • LADM country profiles,
  • Spatial modeling (2D, 3D, and integrated 2D/3D),
  • Legal Modeling (consider deep integration with time: 4D)
  • Land development, Land Readjustment, and Consolidation
  • Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM),
  • Formalizing constraints in UML/OCL,
  • More formal semantics (e.g. RDF, OWL),

LADM input/output

  • Legal/admin documents,
  • Public and private law doctrines,
  • Spatial (input/output)documents,
  • Web-based dissemination and submission,
  • Data acquisition (surveying, imagery,..),

Information Infrastructure

  • LADM and Spatial data infrastructure (SDI),
  • Key registers and Information Infrastructures (not only spatial/SDI),
  • Lifecycle support spatial development,
  • LADM and other models CityGML , LandXML ,

LADM scope and beyond

  • 3D Cadastre,
  • Marine Cadastre,
  • Urban and rural Cadastre,
  • Tax Cadastre,
  • Natural Resources and Mining Cadastre,
  • RRRs related to infrastructure/utilities,
  • Inclusion of spatial plans (as right or restriction),
  • Cadastre 2014 (multi-purpose Cadastre concept),
  • Further attention to blueprint classes: taxation, valuation, addresses, persons,…

LADM implementation

  • LADM system development,
  • LADM first use experiences,
  • LADM conformance testing, cerification,
  • International use: INSPIRE CP or EULIS or….,
  • LADM and LPIS (agricultural parcels for subsidy),
  • National use within federated countries (States, Provinces, Bundesländer,...),
  • Automated transformation from conceptual to physical schema (XML/XSD, SQL/DDL),
  • Mapping from national LADM profile to international LADM profile (e.g. INSPIRE/CP),
  • Industry implementations,
  • Open Source / FLOSS for LADM/STDM.
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