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Provisionally accepted submissions:

1 Efi Dimopoulou, Sudarshan Karki, Roic Miodrag, Jose-Paulo Duarte de Almeida, Griffith-Charles Charisse, Rod Thompson, Shen Ying and Peter van Oosterom Initial registration of 3D Parcels
2 Eftychia Kalogianni, Efi Dimopoulou, Wilko Quak and Peter van Oosterom Formalizing implementable constraints in the INTERLIS language for modelling 3D legal RRR spaces and 3D physical objects
3 Dimitrios Kitsakis, Jesper Paasch, Jenny Paulsson, Gerhard Navratil, Nikola Vucic, Marcin Karabin, Mohamed El-Mekawy and Andrea Carneiro Comparative study of 3D real property concepts
4 Andres Hernandez Bolaños Representation of all condominiums through a 3D cadastre within the nationalterritoryofCosta Rica
5 Rod Thompson, Peter van Oosterom and Kean Huat Soon LandXML Encoding of Mixed 2D and 3D Survey Plans with Topology
6 Jacynthe Pouliot, Chen Wang, Frédéric Hubert, Abbas Rajabifard and Claire Ellul 3D Cadastre visualization and dissemination: Most recent progresses and future directions
7 Jacynthe Pouliot and Philippe Girard 3D Cadastre: With or without Subsurface Utility Network?
8 José-Paulo Duarte de Almeida, Claire Ellul, Ricardo Romano and Cidália Fonte The role of VGI towards 3D property cadastral systems (2): a purpose driven web application
9 Nikola Vučić, Miodrag Roić, Mario Mađer and Saša Vranić Legal and Institutional Aspects of Croatian 3D Cadastre
10 Jarosław Bydłosz Creating legal framework for 3D cadastre inPoland- preliminary investigations
11 Anita Kwartnik-Pruc, Jarosław Bydłosz, Agnieszka Bieda and Piotr Parzych Preliminary assessment of terrestrial laser scanning application for building 3D cadastre inPoland
13 Jantien Stoter, Hendrik Ploeger, Ruben Roes and Els van der Riet First registration of multi-level ownerships rights in 3D in theNetherlands
14 Kean Huat Soon, Derick Tan and Victor Khoo Initial Design to Develop a Cadastral System that Supports Digital Cadastre, 3D and Provenance forSingapore
15 Shen Ying, Renzhong Guo, Jie Yang, Lin Li, Weiyang Li and Zhigang Zhao Visualization and interaction for coherent set of 3D property units
16 Nikola Vučić, Peter van Oosterom and Danko Markovinović Topographic Signs - Important Factors for Establishing of 3D cadastre
17 Behnam Atazadeh, Mohsen Kalantari and Abbas Rajabifard Comparing three types of BIM-based models for managing 3D cadastral interests in multi-level buildings
18 Marcin Karabin and Dariusz Gotlib Visualisation of premises in the cadastre - legal and technical aspects
19 Dimitrios Kitsakis and Efi Dimopoulou Possibilities of Integrating Public Law Restrictions to 3D Cadastres
20 Seddiki Mohamed Akram Case study on the 3D cadastre inAlgeria, First application of the FIG Recommendations
21 Vanco Gjorgjiev, Gjorgji Gjorgjiev and Sanja Ristovska Significant influence of 3D property over cofactors in property appraisal
22 Charisse Griffith-Charles, Michael Sutherland and Dexter Davis Legal and Physical Boundary Development in 3D Space
23 Chen Wang Styling 3D cadastre visualization: the design and implementation of a 3D symbology encoding schema
24 Karel Janečka and Petr Souček Country profile for the cadastre of theCzech Republicbased on LADM
25 Michael Sutherland, Charisse Griffith-Charles and Dexter Davis Towards the Development of a LADM-Based Marine Cadastre
26 Adolfo Lino De Araújo and Francisco Henrique Oliveira Overlapping characterization of spatial parcels inBrazil: case in Florianópolis
27 Katerina Athanasiou and Efi Dimopoulou Management of Marine Rights, Restrictions and Responsibilities, according to International Standards
28 Ruba Jaljolie, Peter Van Oosterom and Sagi Dalyot Systematic Analysis of Functionalities for the Israeli 3D Cadastre
29 Trent Gulliver, Anselm Haanen and Mark Goodin A 3D-capable Digital Cadastre forNew Zealand
30 Sisi Zlatanova, Ki-Joune Li, Peter van Oosterom and Chrit Lemmen Indoor abstract spaces: linking IndoorGML and LADM
31 David Siriba and Daniel Samuka Analysis of Airport Space Obstruction through 3D Spatial Planning Model: Case Study of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport(JKIA), Nairobi, Kenya
32 Jennifer Oldfield, Wilko Quak, Peter van Oosterom and Jakob Beetz Can data from BIM be used as input for a 3D Cadastre?
33 Carsten Roensdorf Integrated 3D information
34 Carsten Roensdorf, Helena Boss Åström, Jason Holway, Karel Janecka, Pete Smith, Shen Ying, Sudarshan Karki, Peter Van Oosterom, Rod Thompson, Alias Abdul Rahman and Sisi Zlatanova Overview report 3D data managament

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